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He Keeps Mi Tierra’s Spicy Secret

By: Vincent T. Davis, Staff Writer

September 15, 2016

What’s the secret to the famed enchilada sauces at Mi Tierra Café y Panadería?

Raul Salazar knows. And he’s not telling.

For the past 15 years of his 45-year career at Mi Tierra, Salazar has been the only worker with the key to the restaurant’s spice room, a place people long have wondered whether it truly exists.

It’s real, and the recipes are a closely guarded secret.

Salazar is the corporate chef for Mi Tierra, and the bulk of his work takes place in a site that’s a rarity in South Texas: a basement. In his realm, one of several rooms beneath the eatery, wall-to-wall metal racks bear amber, herb green and reddish-brown spices on the shelves, and the aroma of savory spices lingers in the air.

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